Beckers lanceert de eerste vegetarische snacklijn in de Nederlandse supermarkt

Our products

We have a wide range of products from mini snacks for a party to delicious products that can serve for lunch or as a basis for a great meal.

Spring Rolls

IZICO Food Group is the best-known manufacturer of spring rolls in Europe. This is mainly due to the wide variety of weights (from party spring rolls of 20g to large spring rolls of 250g), wraps (ingredients, thickness, shape, etc.) and preparation methods: deep-frying, oven or microwave (IZICO Food Groups unique proposition).

Ethnic & Meat Free Snacks

Our product range is inspired by cuisines from all around the world and are available in various sizes from 15g to 150g. Whether serving as starters, on buffets, as snacks, or as part of a main meal, the versatility of our product ranges makes them perfect whatever the occasion. Much of our range is also ideal for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Chicken Snacks

We also have a wide range of chicken products, from crispy mini fillets to skewers and fillets for as use as part of a main meal.

Meat Snacks

We have a wide and tasty assortment of classic meat snacks. Our delicious assortment includes Hamburgers, Frikandels (minced meat skinless sausage) and Ribsnacks in different weights, shapes and spices. All our snacks are IQF, so easy portioning, and IFS certified.


Our delicious and luxurious croquettes are available in several species. In addition to our crafty beef croquette and traditional meat croquette, we offer several other tasteful variants with a firm crust and richly filled.

Cheese Soufflés

Another traditional snack is the Cheese Soufflé, these can be produced in different shapes, sizes, crust and tasty cheese fillings.

Dough Products

Our modern dough based product factory supplies puff-pastry or yeasted dough breadsnacks, with different kind of fillings (i.e. meat, cheese, pizza) and cheese soufflés. Our products are available as frozen, chilled or vacuum-packed for preparation in oven or microwave. All products are pre-baked, resulting in short preparation time for the consumer.