Beckers lanceert de eerste vegetarische snacklijn in de Nederlandse supermarkt

Our brands

We are proud of our different brands, for both consumer professional markets. Find out why.


The company was founded by the late, Sai Chiu Van. He arrived in Denmark in 1935 to study agriculture and eventually settled there. He established the company in 1960 when he saw the potential for what was then in Europe, the little known Chinese spring roll. Daloon entered the UK market in 1976, and its UK Head Office and production site opened in 1984.



Bij Goodlife vinden we dat groente de ster van de show moeten zijn. We gaan altijd op zoek naar de meest gezonde groenten van de beste boeren om zodoende voedzame vegetarische maaltijden te creëren.


In 1959 Jan Bekkers went on a trip to the United States and was inspired by the hot dog trend. Back in the Netherlands he invented the, nowadays legendary and classic, Frikandel! Something that once started as the invention of the Frikandel has grown to a complete assortment of delicious snacks. The Beckers snacks are available in the supermarket, as well as foodservice.

Beckers Premium

Especially for the foodservice market we launched a Beckers Premium concept at the beginning of 2017. This range of products is of the highest quality and is in keeping with current market trends towards premiumisation.


In 1981 we introduced the delicious Bicky Burger! This burger concept was introduced to compete with the big international hamburger chains. A 100% Real Bicky Burger guarantees a quality and consistent taste. It offers a complete solution with 7 components avalaible; a burger bun, burger, 3 different sauces, roasted onions and Cumcumb’salad.

De Vries

De Vries Snacks has been making the most delicious frozen snacks for cafeterias and caterers for over 60 years. Since 1952 the company has experienced enormous growth: from a small shop in the center of Dordrecht to a modern snack factory.


Puur, pittig en gemakkelijk herkenbaar door zijn unieke vorm, dat is Mexicano. Lekker als snack, maar ook heerlijk op de grill of barbecue. Mexicano bestaat bovendien uit een hele familie. Zo zijn er Mini-Mexicano, Mexicano Baguette, Mexicano XXL, Mexicano Halal en Mexicano Xtra Hot!

Van Oers

In Boxtel vind je Van Oers Snacks. Sinds 1958 is het bedrijf leverancier van een breed assortiment voor foodservice met daarin onder andere de zelfgeproduceerde heerlijke diepvriessnacks en salades voor onder andere benzinestations, attractie- en vakantieparken.

Private Label & White Label

Our factories are focused on producing high quality products with maximum efficiency. This allows us to offer all sorts of great products at a good price as private label. We can also produce a wide range of white label or fancy label products: a fixed (popular) recipe in a white carton box, labelled with your logo.

Many major retailers/food service/wholesalers trust us to produce high quality products for their brand. This trust is based on the consistent quality of our products at the best price. In contradiction to intercontinental trade and repackaging companies, IZICO is production based in Europe, and therefor always meeting all European regulations and production standards.

Because we are fully IFS certified, our plants are audited and checked regularly to ensure we produce our products at the highest standards. We are also a registered member of SEDEX, which ensures our production process gets audited thoroughly.